Guide to domain transfer on Godaddy 2017

Transfer Domain On Godaddy Easy

Step 1: Prepare

- Need to make sure that the current domain management email can receive mail because Godaddy will send some confirmation information to this email.


- If you are using the subscriber information hiding feature, turn it off before transferring. If you forget to do so, turn off this function and then ask Godaddy Restart Transfer.


- Unlock your domain with the current provider for transfer.


- Get the "Authorization code" or "EPP Code" from the old provider, you can get yourself in the domain management or need to contact support to send them back. This code can be understood as a password so you can move domain.


Before transferring the domain, you switch the domain's default DNS to intermediate DNS (eg CloudFlare) to avoid interrupting access to the website!

Step 2: GoDaddy registration for domain transfer

- To register your domain transfer GoDaddy home page, on the menu select Domains and Transfer Domains, enter the domain to transfer and then click Go.


- If domain is eligible for transfer, there will be the message Available For Transfer as below, otherwise you should review step 1 preparation. Click Proceed to Checkout to continue.


- Some announcements to use services in GoDaddy appear, do not select anything, just Continue that press.


- In your Shopping Cart page - Review your current order, use the GoDaddy coupon and fill in the Have a Promo Code box. To get the cheapest price, for example, its under $ 2.95 per year.


Check the price you pay in the Total cost box on the right and click Proceed to Checkout> to continue.


- In the next screen, if you already have an account at GoDaddy, please enter your Username + Password to login. If not then click Continue> in the New Customers box to register. I have an account and will login.


- You check all personal information for the last time in Billing Information and payment information in Payment Information and then click Place Your Order> to pay.


- After successful payment, you will receive a transfer confirmation email from GoDaddy with the heading "Transfer of DOMAIN.COM


- Action Required" (containing the admin email address mentioned above) containing Transaction ID and Security Code. Which you will need during the transfer domain.

Step 3: Confirm domain transfer

To confirm your domain transfer to Godaddy you follow these steps:


- Go to Domain Management.


- On the Domains menu, select Transfers



- Click Authorize Transfer then Add now



- In the Transaction ID and Security Code fields, enter the transfer code that Godaddy has sent to the admin email (in step 2) then click Add and then Next to continue.


- Next in the Basic tab, enter the Authorization Code from the current domain name provider (if applicable) in the box next to your domain.


- Select I authorize the transfer, finally click Finish.


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