Buy Cheap GoDaddy Hosting for just $ 1 / month

Buy Hosting for just $ 1 per month

In May of this year, GoDaddy has an attractive promotion package with only $ 1 per month for the first month to save 83% of the initial cost of about $ 6.2 per month.

With a $ 1 / month hosting package equivalent to $ 12 / year what will you get? That is:

* 1G storage capacity
* 1 free domain name
* 1 email package uses your own domain name.

Guide to buy hosting

Too cool is not it?

How to get discount code buy Hosting as above. Very simple, please click here to visit GoDaddy discount website. Select a hosting Plans on Hosting tag of Godaddy ( choose the staring Plan)


Select the basic Hosting package, scroll down to select the 12 month limit and click "Continue".


The next part of Godaddy will force us to select a domain name to register after clicking on "Search". For example, I entered the domain "".


Hosting code has been applied, so free domain, Wordpress hosting package is $ 1 / month , free Office 365 email package. You have to pay an ICANN fee of $ 0.18 for domain management, so the total cost is $ 12.18.





Switch to the math, you fill out the information as in the domain purchase Godaddy only $ 0.99 you have instructed. You can refer HERE

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