How to choose the best domain name?

Choose a Good Domain

However, the advice is very sincere for you to be wary of such promotions. Do not reduce the tens of thousands of dollars (or a few dollars) but hastily choose unpopular providers to register domain names. The cost you save is not as good as the problems you may face. Specific about the implications that you may encounter when choosing cheap domain names:

You can be the owner "rob" domain name nice when "check" on their website. This is not uncommon, especially with respect to international domain names, your sovereignty is almost not guaranteed as Global domain name. At present, the beautiful domain name speculation for profit (selling at high prices) is common.

You may have to pay for the renewal fee (Renewal Domain Name)for the next year which is much higher than the normal price you can afford before you can transfer to another place.


You may be "bothered" and "made difficult" by various tricks, in case you want to transfer the domain name through another provider.


Using a free domain name will limit you to a lot of features and you will not get any aftermarket support.

More importantly, the domain name is the only thing that can help your customers get to your website. In fact, the domain name is the website address on the internet. If you lose your domain name, try asking your customers, your old counter to visit your website how? Regardless of whether you have to re-register your website and register a new domain name, you will never be able to rebuild your internet rankings with that domain name, and how often your patrons know the new domain name. Is it (Like Alexa, SQuake, ....)


So, think carefully before being discounted or free to make the wrong choice, always remember, there is nothing to lose without nothing. You work to receive pay every day, then the provider that they pay employees, sell products is not profitable or just free donation, how they pay employees? Domain name can run on its own, after a huge system of friends.


I did not write this article to recommend you buy my domain or just me, which I stand on as well as you guys. I am also doing business so I share my experience for you to help you avoid unnecessary risks in starting your business. Do not save a small amount of money as you may have to spend double or triple the amount