Review HostFinger Hosting on 2017

Here is a brief summary of some advantages and disadvantages of hostinger for you to decide whether to use this host or not? In my view, now in Asia. Hostinger is the leading free hosting!

Let review this Hosting with us




The first thing that comes to mind is the hostinger brand

Search with the keyword hostinger, you can easily find the hostinger group and hostinger in different countries such as Asia, Russia, Malaysia, Philippines, France, Italy, ... This will ensure a long future. Long hostinger's in Asia.


Second advantage: Storage capacity and traffic are quite terrible

2Gb of storage and 100 GB of traffic for free accounts are actually a lot more impressive than the other free ways available on the web today. If only blogs or non-commercial sites are enough for the demand


Advantage # 3: Completely in Asia Countries

This is also an advantage when hostinger is penetrating each niche in Asia specifically. Not everyone can easily customize a host entirely in English


Advantage # 4: Support pretty well

Hostinger currently supports over 3 channels as fanpage facebook forum with ticket. I tried all 3 ways to see them support pretty well even though the customer is free.


Advantage # 5: Good installation support

Hostinger supports self-installing scripts like wordpress, joomla ....


Allows to upload zip files and automatically decompress on the host


Advantage # 6: No ads


  • The first downside that many of you are likely to encounter is that it's cpu max
  • Currently I use wordpress blogs but do not experience any cpu max errors. But according to the fanpage of hostinger many of you have this error. And the administrator explained that due to site is too large and should upgrade to premium
  • Currently cpu limit on hostinger is 20% and this error will be lost after 1 day
  • The second downside is having downtime
  • This is inevitable for a free hosting and on the home page, the hostinger just said to ensure uptime for the free host is 95%
  • The downside is that the attached domain is not nice.