How to choose a host for WordPress

There is an ever-present problem of using WordPress as how to find the best hosting to use WordPress. Basically, WordPress can run on PHP and MySQL hosting (preferably PHP and MySQL 5 or above), but most of these basic requirements are not enough when there are so many people. Using the hosting also supports these two, but it is very difficult to use WordPress, which is common error is some important plugin can not upload photos, errors and some very uncomfortable.

That is why before you use WordPress, consider carefully choosing hosting, especially for long-term development projects. If you have no experience in choosing the hosting, do not worry too much, I will help you understand which hosting should choose to use WordPress best in this article.

Experience choosing hosting for WordPress

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List of hosting should be used in here

Hopefully through this article will help you have more experience choosing hosting to use to avoid having to buy bad hosting packages.