Tutorial how to point domain DNS Godaddy about Hosting Hawkhost

DNS Godaddy and HawkHost

Hello all of you, today I will show you how to point Godaddy domain name on Hosting Hawkhost in the most detailed and simplest way.

To create a website that works, after you have finished buying hosting and domain then you have to connect them together, in this article I will guide in two cases: domain name should point to hosting Hawkhost identical.


With the domain name you entered when you bought, you want to point to another domain name.

How to point DNS domain Godaddy to Hawkhost when the domain name is the same as the domain name you entered when registering hawkhost

If this is the case then hosting the domain from Godaddy on Hawkhost will be simpler, just log into domain management at Godaddy and then declare the DNS (domain name server) that Hawkhost sent you mail right after you. Sign Up Success.

Step 1: Visit Godaddy at logon http://godaddy.com/ and go to the administration section
Step 2: At the domain you need to install, click on Manage DNS
Step 3: At the DNS Management page, scroll down to the Domain Servers section, where Godaddy is defaulting their DNS, you click on Change


When you move here, you have finished hosting Godaddy DNS hosting Hawkhost, now you wait about 30 minutes or can be up to 24h to Godaddy update.

How to point the DNS domain Godaddy to Hawkhost with another domain name

If you want to point a domain name other than the one you entered when registering Hawkhost, then you have to follow these steps, just in case.

At mail Hawkhost send you have information, the path to login to Cpanel, after logging in you click on the Addon Domains item as shown below:

Here you enter your domain name and click save is complete, wait about 5 - 10 minutes to update Hawkhost information.

So I have finished guiding how Godaddy domain hostname to the hosthost Hawkost, then your next job is to just install the website is finished, wish you all success.

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