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Interserver is a company that has a longstanding reputation since 1999 specializing in providing hosting, VPS, Delicated Servers. In Vietnam, Intersever is little known for its familiar names like Godaddy, Stablehost, Hawk Host or Hostgator. The reason may be because Intersever previously focused primarily on VPS market share, which focused less on Shared host(

These are the advantages of Interserver:

1. Speed: Using Litespeed web server, Interserver always offers better speed than other web servers like Apache2 or Nginx. There are many articles comparing these types of web servers, you can learn more on Google for more details offline.

2. Hard Drive: Uses SSD hard drive for caching and Mysql database.

3. Overload: Interserver is committed to only let server load up to 50% of resources. This means that the Interserver server is always at 50% free CPU and RAM, the server will never be overloaded when a site or account suddenly consumes resources.

4. Technology: Interserver builds up to 3 large data centers. Unlike other vendors, say data centers are here and there, but they just rent servers there or buy servers and rent them. Interserver has its own data center, Colocation service, fiber optic network throughout the United States.


Not only that, Interserver also built a Linux Distro for their own. The above is enough to show that Interserver technology is very good because they are fully autonomous in all their infrastructure.

5. Support: Interserver must say that the support mode is great. They have live chat services that few providers have. Interserver support teams are always online to support customer problems. So, if you just live chat with them is complete, do not take the public to send tickets and wait as the other providers. In addition to chat, they also support through Ticket, Phone, Forum.

6. Cost: Interserver can be completely autonomous data center as well as other factors so the cost of their services is very soft and high quality.

Hosting Plans of Interserver

Web Hosting:
Interserver offers 3 packages of Standard Web Hosting, Managed WordPress and Windows Web Hosting. This is normal price before apply Interserver coupon code

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